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Have an idea but not the time or skills to bring it to life? Have an existing event that has grown and requires additional management support? We can handle the complete project on your behalf or reinforce your own team with any specific requirements.

Event and Exhibitions Operations and Planning
Marketing and PR Event Ticketing
event and exhibition floorplan mark out
Pre-Planning and Operations


Layouts, features, risk assessments, planning, hiring contractors and equipment, staffing, hotels and more.  We are specialists in planning and operations.  Do you have an existing event, have you reviewed the budget, revised the Operations to meet new guidelines or just know the event needs fresh input? 

Promotion and Ticketing


We can manage your marketing, social media and advertising campaigns. Simple ticketing is the key to sales and we can set up your ticketing and payment options, providing reporting and accounting as required. 

Mark out and set up


Mark out and set up can be the most most stressful time on site.  Accurate plans mean accurate mark out, but our experienced team can also amend as required, for example, an area of ground is too wet or a last minute stand size increase. Confident and clear management of a safe set up gives your exhibitors peace of mind and positive start to their event.

Exhibition and event operations health and safety
Event control operations notting hill redbull
event and exhibition staff
On-site Operations


From mark out to handing back the venue at the end of a successful event and everything in between, our trusted team will be on site to deal with all aspects of the event. 

Event Control and Floor Managers


Event control and floor managers play an important part in the smooth running of any event. Should an incident occur they are a key part of the team alongside the venue and emergency services. Experience and calm manner are key. 

Event staffing


We can supply event staff to manage Health and Safety, floor management, front of house, card payments, cash management, security and marshals.

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